Video for “Lost Without You” on YouTube now!

Check out the video for my new single "Lost Without You" on YouTube! "Lost Without You" is a melodic rock song inspired by blues & country music and hard rock music. The lyrics are about someone who has experienced lost love. They have been in a relationship but it didn´t work out and now he/she feels regret and a sense of being lost without the other person. I´m sure many people out there have experienced the same and can relate. 

I think the song is a mix of styles with the vocals being more hard rock music with a bit of a Pearl Jam-ish feel on the verses, while the dobro/lap steel guitar and Hammond B3 organ give the song a more bluesy, classic rock feel as well as a touch of country rock music vibe. When I first started writing the song, it had more of a 90´s hard rock vibe and reminded me a bit of the band Giant. So, it´s definitely a mix of influences! 😊

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