1. Time


Lost as a thunderclap out on the breeze
Fleeting as snowflakes on a Summer’s eve
This world, now, appears in desperate need of a cure
And I know the answer, of that you can be sure

And those who’d ignore the signs
Find themselves victimized by time

When all would seem lost and we would seem led astray
A song in your heart will keep the darkness away

I’ve heard it said that it’s no good for a man
To live out his days with too much time on his hands
That sooner or later he’ll fall deep in despair
And bow to depression as a fated affair

Give a dollar just to get a dime
Some try to holler but they only whine

But living a life of hope will keep that at bay
A purposeful heart will keep the darkness away

Life is a carousel, carefully planned
Eventually we arrive right where we began
So maintain your focus on the stars up above
Fulfilling your dreams comes from a life full of love

Each day is the way we make it
It’s ours if we’d only take it

Look to the sun that beguiles every day
A light in your heart will keep the darkness away